Clinical examination | Digital radiography | Sonography | Endoscopy | Laboratory tests

Care of sports horses

(Poor) Performance diagnostics


Lameness evaluations including flexion tests and diagnostic local anaesthesia | Orthopaedic treatment | Chiropractic

Emergency medicine

Emergency care | Wound management


Castrations incl. cryptorchides | various orthopaedic procedures (splint bone fragment removal, check ligament desmotomy, periostial stripping) | mandibular fractures, standing surgeries as well as and under field anaesthesia


Diagnostics | Teeth rasping (power tools and hand held)/ Wolf tooth extraction/ Extractions of incisors and molar teeth

Internal Medicine

Colic diagnosis and treatment | Metabolic diseases | Dietary advise

Respiratory diseases

Diagnosis and therapy


Diagnosis and therapy


Diagnosis and therapy


Oestrus cycle diagnostics and fertility management | Sterility treatments | Artificial inseminations | Pregnancy examinations Obstetrics

Foal medicine

Neonatal care | Foal diseases

Customer liaison and support

Vaccinations and advise on vaccination programmes with reminders | endo- and ectoparasite control | support with competitions and auctions

Certifications and advise

Pre-purchase examinations | Evaluation of external radiographs | Expert opinion on law and insurance cases | Stud management

Dr. Gerd-Olaf Neuberg | Dr. Stefanie Spitzlei

Ambulatory Equine Practice